Summer Opportunities


The physics department strongly encourages students to work with faculty over the summer. This is a great opportunity to explore a new area of science, develop a deeper understanding of what it means to do research, and work in a rich intellectual environment with a well-earned summer salary. Summer research positions are arranged informally, with students approaching individual faculty members. Jobs usually start after graduation in June and last 8 weeks or longer. If you are interested in summer research in the department, please e-mail the Undergraduate Administrator, ideally in the first week of the spring term. Physics Department summer jobs are also announced here through the Office of Undergraduate Research.

All students interested in summer research should consult the Student Activities Funding Engine (SAFE) for funding opportunities to support research both on campus and elsewhere. Students interested in summer research opportunities abroad should also check out the Princeton International Internship Program (IIP). Deadlines for funding opportunities and internships outside the department tend to be early and strict, so it is best to get started early in the fall term! Many deadlines for funding opportunities on campus fall early in the spring term. Be sure whenever applying for funding to mention any other sources of support that you have applied for, in order to avoid any possibility of duplicative funding.

Named fellowships

Research in the Physics Department is supported by generous gifts from University alums and friends of the department. Research awards primarily go toward defraying the cost of summer salaries as set by your faculty adviser. You do not need to apply for these research awards; they will be made based on availability of funds, typically around the end of June, and funds are usually transferred within the department in order to help cover your summer salary.

Treiman fellowships

The Treiman fellowships for summer research are made possible through a generous donation to the department in honor of Prof. Sam Treiman, a theoretical particle physicist who was the chair of the Princeton Physics Department from 1981 to 1987 and remains one of the more notable influences on the department. Recipients include: Zachary Atkins, Dongwoo Chung, and Bharath Alamanda.

Leach fellowships

The Leach fellowships for summer research are made possible through a generous donation by the Charles H. Leach II Foundation. The goal is to inspire future physics majors, especially women. Recipients include: Recipients include:

2014 2013 2012 2011
Ana Diaz Maria Okounkova Mrinalini Basu Ning Jin

Frederick Osborn fellowships

The Frederick Osborn fellowships for summer research are made possible through a generous donation from Mrs. Frederick Osborn and family in memory of her husband, Frederick Osborn, an Art & Archeology major in class of 1937. Frederick Osborn was an active member of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space (COPUOS). He was inspired and fascinated by what could be done and learned from space. His particular focus was on solar energy. The award goes to support students engaged in research "looking up." Recipients include:

Abanti Basak
Fikret Ceyhan
Cissy Chen
Prajwal Niraula
Benjamin Osherson
William Taylor
Charles Titus
Dennis Yi

Bell Burnell fellowships

The Bell Burnell fellowships for summer research are made possible through a generous gift from Jocelyn Bell-Burnell, the discoverer of the first pulsar. Bell Burnell fellowships are aimed at encouraging women to pursue physics. Recipients include:

Student's Name

Joseph Henry Summer Fellowships

The Joseph Henry Summer Fellowships for summer research are made possible by the Physics Department in appreciation of the value of summer research opportunities. Recipients include:

2015 2014 2013
Nathan Agmon Cristian Andronic Dongwoo Chung
Ahmed Akhtar Zachary Atkins Gabriel Peterson
Adam Bowman Thomas Hartke