Gubser Group

Research in Prof. Steven Gubser's group focuses on string theory, including both formal aspects, such as $p$-adic AdS/CFT and non-linear sigma models, and applied aspects, such as heavy ion collisions and quantum spin chains.

Group members

  • Steve Gubser, faculty
  • Amos Yarom, faculty visitor
  • Matthew Heydeman, incoming post-doc
  • Greg Bentsen, incoming post-doc
  • Christian Jepsen, graduate student
  • Brian Trundy, graduate student
  • Ziming Ji, graduate student
  • Kim Dawidowski, administrative support


Support for Gubser group research is provided by the Department of Energy under Grant No. DE-FG02-91ER40671, and by the Simons Foundation, Grant 511167 (SSG).

Administrative support for the group is provided by Kim Dawidowski.