Gubser Group

Research in Prof. Steven Gubser's group focuses on string theory, including both formal aspects, such as p-adic AdS/CFT and non-linear sigma models, and applied aspects, such as heavy ion collisions and quantum spin chains.

Group members

  • Steve Gubser, faculty
  • Amos Yarom, faculty visitor
  • Matthew Heydeman, incoming post-doc
  • Greg Bentsen, incoming post-doc
  • Christian Jepsen, graduate student
  • Brian Trundy, graduate student
  • Ziming Ji, graduate student
  • Kim Dawidowski, administrative support


Support for Gubser group research is provided by the Department of Energy under Grant No. DE-FG02-91ER40671, and by the Simons Foundation, Grant 511167 (SSG).

Administrative support for the group is provided by Kim Dawidowski.


The Little Book of String Theory, authored by Gubser and published by Princeton University Press, is a non-technical account of string theory and its applications to collider physics.

The Little Book of Black Holes, authored by Gubser and Frans Pretorius and published by Princeton University Press, is an accessible introduction to black holes, including Einstein's theory of relativity and an account of black hole collisions.