Yigal Meir

Princeton University Global Scholar
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Jadwin 391

I am interested in the theory of quantum many-body systems, in particular in the context of condensed matter physics. In such systems, the mundane underlying particles can give rise to a new emergent behavior, that can be described in terms of exotic particles, which can have fractional charges or non-abelian statistics. Such systems include, for example, semiconductors in strong magnetic fields, that give rise to the fractional quantum Hall effect, or quantum dots in various geometries, that can give rise to a single- or multi-channel Kondo effects. The theoretical models I develop are usually strongly tied to specific intriguing experimental observations.

Recently I have been particularly interested in how one can measure thermodynamic properties of such systems, in particular their entropy, which is not easily accessible via transport measurements. Measurements of entropy can be, for example, a smoking-gun determination of the emergence of Majorana Fermions, an exotic particle which is the anti-particle of itself, in condensed matter systems.

In addition, I have been involved in applying many-body and statistical methods to biological systems, in particular networks in cells, bacterial motility and interactions, and ecology.

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Sample References:

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