Theodore H. Lewis III

Purchasing Administrator
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A18 Jadwin Hall

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Theodore H. Lewis III is a Purchasing Administrator responsible for supporting faculty, staff, and students with order requests and payment transactions.  This includes processing carts, and approving requisitions, stockroom purchases and most capital equipment purchases.  He coordinates with other departments and centers to effectively implement university purchasing procedures and policies. Theodore is the secondary contact for department capital equipment inventory/tagging, stockrooms and logistics.

Theodore started his career at Princeton University in 1995 as a technician in the Physics department.  His first assignment was working for Dan Marlow on the Belle experiment, followed later by the Borexino experiment led by Frank Calaprice.  In between assignments he held positions in the Machine shop and Metal stockroom for several years.  Prior to his current role, Theodore managed the Metal and General stockrooms for 8 years.