Alexander Polyakov

Professor Emeritus
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348 Jadwin Hall

Joseph Henry Professor of Physics


My main interests this year were directed towards string theory of quark confinement. The problem is to find the string Lagrangian for the Faraday's `lines of force',which would reproduce perturbative corrections from the Yang-Mills theory to the Coulomb law at small distances and would give permanent confinement of quarks at large distances.

My side interests have been in the theory of turbulence and string cosmology. In the field of turbulence I have been looking for a simple model to check conformal theory of this phenomenon, which I developed 2 years ago. The model in question appears to be the Burgers turbulence (which now is in the center of interest of much of hydrodynamics community). I found for the certain type of stirring forces, an exact solution of this theory... This result is now being tested both theoretically and numerically. In cosmology I continued to work with T. Damour on the dilaton violation of the equivalence principle. We have found that S or T- dualities of string theory lead to the features, needed for consistency of our conjectures in the previous work.

Selected Publications


  • Alexander Polyakov,  "Gauge fields and Strings," Harwood Academic Publishers 1987, Nucl. Phys. B396, 367 (1993).