Tuesday, May 1, 2012
 Election to the Academy is considered one of the highest honors that can be accorded a U.S. scientist or engineer. This is a tremendous honor that recognizes wide appreciation of their scholarship over many years.
Wednesday, Mar 28, 2012
Tuesday, April 10th McDonnell Hall A02 8:00pm Rashid Sunyaev, Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Space Research Institute, Moscow, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
Tuesday, Mar 20, 2012
Thursday, Jan 26, 2012
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Thursday, Dec 15, 2011
We are pleased to announce that Professors Michael Aizenman, Steve Gubser, Paul Steinhardt, Sal Torquato and Elliot Leib won Simons Fellowships to support a supplemental semester of leave to increase creativity and provide intellectual stimulation.  
Wednesday, Oct 5, 2011
Wednesday, Oct 5, 2011
The thesis was advised by Prof. Verlinde. Djordje is currently a graduate student at Stanford University.
Friday, Jun 24, 2011