Three faculty elected 2019 Fellows of the American Physical Society

Friday, Sep 20, 2019

Cristiano Galbiati
Citation: For the measurement of Berillium-7 and pep solar neutrinos and for the development of the liquid argon technology for the background-free exploration of dark matter at the Gran Sasso underground laboratory.
Nominated by: Forum on International Physics

 Jason R Petta
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the field of semiconductor quantum devices, including coherent manipulation of electron spin states in double quantum wells, the realization of multi-qubit silicon-based quantum devices, and observation of single electron-single spin coupling in cavity quantum-dot circuits.
Nominated by: Division of Quantum Information

 Joshua W Shaevitz
Citation: For fundamental contributions to the understanding of the mechanics and dynamics of biological systems, from single molecules to cell collectives to behaving animals, through the development of new techniques for precision measurement.
Nominated by: Division of Biological Physics

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