Thursday, Dec 15, 2011

We are pleased to announce that Professors Michael Aizenman, Steve Gubser, Paul Steinhardt, Sal Torquato and Elliot Leib won Simons Fellowships to support a supplemental semester of leave to increase creativity and provide intellectual stimulation.

Friday, Oct 14, 2011
Andrei Bernevig wins a 2011 David and Lucile Packard Foundation Fellowship for his research “on understanding the existent states of matter, discovering new ones, analyzing the possible types of symmetries that these states might have, and proposing experiments that would confirm or falsify the theoretical predictions.”  
Friday, Jun 24, 2011

Silviu Pufu won the University's Jacobus Fellowship in his final year of graduate studies, and he is going on to be a Pappalardo Fellow at MIT. He works on both formal and applied topics in string theory, mostly related to the gauge-string duality. He has collaborated not only with his advisor, Prof. Steve Gubser, but also with...


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