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When a0a≠0, there are two solutions to ax2+bx+c=0ax2+bx+c=0 and they are



The Lorenz Equations




The Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality




A Cross Product Formula


V1×V2=ijk XuYu0 XvYv0 V1×V2=|ijk ∂X∂u∂Y∂u0 ∂X∂v∂Y∂v0 |


The probability of getting kk heads when flipping nn coins is:




An Identity of Ramanujan




A Rogers-Ramanujan Identity


1+q2(1q)+q6(1q)(1q2)+=j=01(1q5j+2)(1q5j+3),for |q|<1.1+q2(1−q)+q6(1−q)(1−q2)+⋯=∏j=0∞1(1−q5j+2)(1−q5j+3),for |q|<1.


Maxwell's Equations


×B⃗ 1cE⃗ t=4πcj⃗ E⃗ =4πρ×E⃗ +1cB⃗ t=0⃗ B⃗ =0∇×B→−1c∂E→∂t=4πcj→∇⋅E→=4πρ∇×E→+1c∂B→∂t=0→∇⋅B→=0


In-line Mathematics

Finally, while display equations look good for a page of samples, the ability to mix math and text in a paragraph is also important. This expression 3x1+(1+x)23x−1+(1+x)2 is an example of an inline equation. As you see, MathJax equations can be used this way as well, without unduly disturbing the spacing between lines.