Printing in Jadwin Hall

Before printing, please consider Princeton's commitment to sustainability.

There are about two dozen network printers distributed all over Jadwin Hall.
Windows and Mac users need to set up a printer (or two) manually, from their own account, no admin privileges needed.
Use the following instructions to install, or delete-reinstall anytime:

Note: The current generation of Canon multifunction devices uses PaperCut management system.
More information is provided here: How to use a PaperCut Managed Printer/Copier


Instructions to add a Canon Printer:


Printing from Windows:

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows key + R to open the Run window.
  2. Type \\ and select OK
    If you are presented with an authentication prompt, enter your Princeton network credentials and check off “Remember my credentials” checkbox. If this box is not checked, the printer will not be installed.
  3. If prompted to allow the app to make changes to your device, select Yes
  4. Double click the icon for the printer you would like to add. TigerPrint and/or TigerPrintColor

More information: How to add the TigerPrint queues to Windows


Printing from macOS:

Follow these instructions below for University Macs managed by Jamf.

  1. Open the Princeton IT Self Service app located in the Applications folder
  2. Search or browse to the TigerPrint Combined Install app
  3. Click Install
  4. When prompted, enter your NetID in the dialog window
  5. Close the installer when installation is complete
  6. The TigerPrint and TigerPrintColor queues will now appear in your Printers list

If Princeton does not manage your Mac or you do not have the Princeton IT Self Service app, follow the manual installation instructions in this article.

More information: How to add the TigerPrint queues to macOS


Printing from Linux:

(Note: Canon does not have Linux drivers available for these devices. The Generic Postscript driver will function, but there are no advanced finishing options (booklet, stapling, etc.)

  1. Select LPD/LPR Host or printer
  2. Add Host : [email protected]
  3. Add Queue : TigerPrint (or TigerPrintColor)
  4. Select Generic for drivers
  5. Select PostScript
  6. Select Generic PostScript Printer [en]
  7. Select Duplexer
  8. Rename Printer (optional)
  9. Click on Apply


Instructions for Dell Printers:


Printing from Windows:

  1. Run \\  and double-click the desired printer.
    On non-DeSC machines, enter Princeton\NetID and OIT password.
  2. Set your own printing preferences via printer properties to override the defaults if desired.

Printing from macOS:

  1. In System Preferences, open Printers and click "+".
  2. The "Add" window will pop up, click the IP tab and fill the following 3 fields, for example:, Protocol:LPD, Queue:phy_jadwin_hall_208a_pcut, Name/Location:Room-xxx
    Click "Add".

Dell printer queue names:

  \\iss229w\             	      Location

   phy_jadwin_hall_a17c_pcut	      A17  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_108c_pcut          108  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_208a_pcut          208A Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_208ac_pcut         208A Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_311_pcut           399B Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_311x_pcut	      311  Jadwin Hall
   *phy_jadwin_hall_330_pcut           330  Jadwin Hall *retired
   phy_jadwin_hall_352_pcut           352  Jadwin Hall
   phy_jadwin_hall_408_pcut           408  Jadwin Hall
   *phy_jadwin_hall_418_pcut           418  Jadwin Hall *retired
   phy_jadwin_hall_418a_pcut          418A Jadwin Hall