International Shipping

All international shipment requests must be approved by the Princeton University Assistant Director of Export Controls.  Please complete sections A-L on the international shipping form and send back to Shipping & Receiving for processing.  

The term Export Controls includes the laws and regulations that govern the export of any item or technology from the United States to a foreign country or to non-U.S. persons. It is important to be aware of export control regulations because violations can expose both you and the University to civil and criminal penalties. United States government export controls apply to the following:

  • Shipments of items or articles to overseas destinations
  • Transfer of technical data to non-U.S. persons within the United States
  • Interactions with persons for whom restrictions have been put in place by the United States government (debarred parties)
  • Transactions with countries subject to United States government sanctions and embargoes

For more information on Export Controls, please visit