Supplier Selection

The Prime Marketplace: What You Should Know

In the Prime Marketplace you can search for items by keyword or item number to find the goods and services you need for your work and research at Princeton University. Most of Princeton’s preferred Marketplace suppliers offer negotiated pricing!

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Competition, Contracts & Supplier Diversity

Princeton University is committed to making supplier diversity an integral part of the way it does business, consistent with its commitment to a diverse and inclusive University community that advances its teaching and research mission. Our commitment is driven by the belief that engaging a diverse supply base is mutually beneficial; fostering competition, opportunity, and generating considerable value by broadening the pool of supplier expertise, perspectives, and capabilities. To search for a diverse supplier, click on Active University Supplier Agreements under the Active Supplier Contracts box.   

Please consider these key points before initiating the purchase transaction.  If you need assistance searching for a supplier to provide a specific item or service, please email your inquiry to