Required Information & Approvals

The Competition Summary Worksheet (CSW) is required on any order over $10K – equipment (6551) or M&S (6456).  *Suppliers with active supplier contracts.

The Equipment Approval Request Form (EARF) is required for any equipment purchase (6551) with a unit price =/> $5K.  See the Budget & Grants Office.

Note:  The EARF and the CSW will be prompted in the PPP when thresholds are met.

  • Orders less than $25K only require Budget & Grants Office approval.

  • Orders over $25K require approval from the Budget & Grants Office and the Department Manager.

  • Orders over $100K require approval from the Department Chair.

  • Orders over $250K on federal fundsPrinceton University is required to adhere to specific guidelines set forth by the US Office of Management and Budget’s Uniform Guidance. The spirit of these requirements is to ensure than federal funds are used responsibly, and a fair competitive bidding process occurs before a purchase of this magnitude is made. To ensure a purchase is competitively bid, Uniform Guidance requires a public bidding process take place so that all suppliers have a chance to view and bid on a potential purchase.  In order to start a public request for proposal (RFP) process, a robust requirements document is necessary. You and your team are responsible for providing any functional and technical requirements for this purchase. The Procurement team can help determine if your requirements are complete, and can provide other business requirements to help develop the final requirements document. Once complete, a timetable for the RFP can be developed, and the RFP can be published for the public to view. After the RFP period is complete, you will be able to review all bids that have been submitted, evaluate supplier responses, and award the bid to the supplier who best meets our requirements. If it is deemed that a purchase cannot be competitively bid, complete and substantial justification must be provided. If found non-compliant, remedies include withholding of payments, termination of the federal award, and dismissal from future federal awards, for the entire University.