Is there a contract provisions checklist?

Yes. The Office of the General Counsel has created a checklist to assist Princeton employees with negotiating and finalizing written contracts. The checklist outlines important provisions that should be included in most contracts. It also provides examples of model provisions and tips for negotiating provisions that protect the University against risk.

Can items be purchased from Ebay?

Yes, items can be purchased from Ebay, and other internet auction sites! BUYER BEWARE - if you send a request to Physics Purchasing, it will be considered a personal transaction and therefore it will not be reimbursable.  Purchases must be coordinated through Central Purchasing (701) in order to be eligible for reimbursement. See the complete details here.

Where can I find the tax exempt form?

The tax exempt form can be found here.  More information regarding sales tax exemptions can be found here.

Does Princeton University have an educational certification letter?

Yes!  Princeton has a Determination Letter that can be used to support a request for not-for-profit and/or accreditation status.  Here it is!

Can toner be purchased directly from OIT?

If you need to purchase DELL toner cartridges, please contact OIT and order them directly from Hardware Support at 8-6749.  This is cheaper than ordering directly from Dell.  This includes free delivery to your office desktop.  Requests for other brands of toner should be submitted to Physics Purchasing using the PPP.

What is Princeton University's credit card policy?

Departmental Purchasing Cards should be used for low dollar departmental goods and services (typically less than $2,500) that cannot be purchased through the Marketplace or from contract suppliers.  Travel and Expense Cards are the primary way to pay for travel and individual business expenses. 

University credit cards may not be used to purchase these goods and services:

  • hazardous materials
  • chemicals
  • capital equipment
  • computers
  • independent contractors
  • entertainers
  • temporary employment
  • personal purchases
  • purchases from suppliers participating in the Marketplace or from contract suppliers

All other guidelines regarding the university credit card policy can be answered here.