Dean for Research

Dean for Research


The Dean for Research and the offices that report to the Dean are deeply committed to supporting the University's research community and enabling Princeton's scholars to do their best work. In particular, the University research administration is dedicated to:

  • Helping researchers compete effectively for research funding and assisting with the establishment of new partnerships
  • Providing resources to enable innovation and exploration of new concepts and ideas
  • Enabling the transfer of Princeton discoveries to benefit society and protecting University intellectual property rights
  • Setting policies and shaping the University’s research agenda
  • Providing administrative management and subject-matter expertise to ensure that research is conducted in an ethical and responsible manner, and in compliance with applicable University policies and federal, state, and local regulations
  • Providing funding to support the University’s thriving research community in ways that complement and supplement traditional funding sources


  • Corporate Engagement and Foundation Relations - Cultivates collaborations with companies and foundations to support strategic, catalytic, and capacity-building programs and research across all academic areas.
  • Laboratory Animal Resources - Provides quality, humane care for all animals used for instruction, research, and testing at Princeton University.
  • Research and Project Administration - Provides support and guidance to researchers for obtaining sponsored research funds and managing sponsored program activity in today’s complex regulatory environment.
  • Research Integrity and Assurance - Provides compliance and regulatory expertise to promote responsible and ethical research practices within the research community.
  • Technology Licensing - Facilitates the transformation of scientific and technological discoveries into products and services for societal benefit.

Physics contacts are:

Pablo Debenedetti, Dean for Research | 609-258-5480

Mary Sims, Research Development Strategist | 609-258-8679