Budget & Grants

The Budget and Grants Office is available to assist Physics Department faculty, staff, and students with both proposal preparation and submissions as well as post-award grant matters . Whether you are submitting a new proposal, requesting supplemental funding, checking on your current project and program expenditures or closing out your account, we are here to assist you through the process.

If you have any questions or concerns please contract your Physics Budget & Grants representative below.

Laura Deevey
Manager, Grants & Financial Operations

Room 207  

Manager of Grants and Financial Operations which includes the Budget and Grants Team as well as the Procurement and Logistics Team.  In conjunction with Stephanie Rumphrey, Laura handles post-award activities for Andrei Bernevig, Jo Dunkley, Duncan Haldane, David Huse, Lyman Page, Jason Petta, Shivaji Sondhi, Suzanne Staggs and Sanfeng Wu.

Brenda Zanghi
Grants Manager

Room 203

Grants Manager supporting pre and post award for Robert Austin, William Bialek, Frank Calaprice, Curt Callan, Cristiano Galbiati, Thomas Gregor, Andrew Leifer, Peter Meyers (DS), Jason Puchalla and Joshua Shaevitz.

Stephanie Rumphrey
Assistant Grants & Business Manager

Room 205

Assistant Grants & Business Manager supporting pre and post award for Andrei Bernevig, Jo Dunkley, Duncan Haldane, David Huse, Lyman Page, Jason Petta, Shivaji Sondhi, Suzanne Staggs and Sanfeng Wu.

Stephanie also manages the billing for the Physics Recharge Centers which include the QDNL Cleanroom, Helium, Nitrogen, Machine Shop and Stockrooms (General & Metal).

Kathy Kulper  Assistant Grants Manager

609.258.2428 Room 250

Assistant Grants Manager supporting pre and post award for Peter Elmer, Aurelien Fraisse, William Jones, Biao Lian, Daniel Marlow, Kirk McDonald, Peter Meyers (HEP), Isobel Ojalvo, James Olsen, Frans Pretorius, Shinsei Ryu, Paul Steinhardt and Christopher Tully.

Richard Stagaard
Assistant Grants Manager

Room 248

Assistant Grants Administrator supporting pre and post award for Michael Aizenman, Waseem Bakr, Lawrence Cheuk, Simone Giombi, M. Zahid Hasan, Igor Klebanov, Elliot Lieb, Mariangela Lisanti, Chiara Nappi, Phuan Ong, Silviu Pufu, Michael Romalis, Herman Verlinde and Ali Yazdani.