1)  Undergraduate Matters
Assoc. Chair for Undergraduate Affairs                     Jones 
Seniors                                                                        Staggs*, Polyakov, Bernevig                                           
Juniors                                                                         Fall: Meyers*, Gregor, Ong
                                                                                      Spring: Sondhi*, Leifer, Yazdani
Undergraduate program committee                            Lisanti, Bakr, Visjnic (S), Jones
2) Graduate Matters
Assoc. Chair for Graduate Studies                             Olsen              
Graduate Admission Chair                                         Petta
Prelims Chair  (Fall and Spring)                                 Romalis
Generals Experiment                                                  Tully
Prelims:  Romalis*, Austin, Hasan, Pufu
Admissions:  Petta*, Steinhardt, Cheuk, Bialek, Giombi, Haldane, Dunkley, Ojalvo, Wu, deLeon
Graduate Recruitment:  Shaevitz
3)  Colloquia, Endowed Lectures, and Outreach:                             
Klebanov (F*), Page (S*), Callan
4)  Infrastructure and Personnel:
Search Officer:  Aizenman
Personnel Committee:  Verlinde*, Scalice
Computing/Web Committee:  Tully*, Scalice
Safety Committee:  Scalice, Gettelfinger, Austin, Jarosik, Puchalla
Building, Shops & Infrastructure:  Petta, Scalice, Gettelfinger, Jarosik, Puchalla
Climate & Inclusion:  Marlow*, Lisanti, Savadge, Johnson, Benton, Croot, Ripley, Kopp, Giovanetti, Cooper
*Committee chair (F* for Fall & S* for Spring)
F and S are for fall and spring of an otherwise full year committee.