1)  Undergraduate Matters
Assoc. Chair for Undergraduate Affairs                     Gubser (Fall), Jones (Spring)
Seniors                                                                        Staggs*, Polyakov, Bernevig                                           
Juniors                                                                         Fall: Meyers*, Gregor, Ong
Spring: Sondhi*, Leifer, Yazdani
Undergraduate program committee                           Gubser*, Lisanti, Bakr, Visjnic (S), Jones
2) Graduate Matters
Assoc. Chair for Graduate Studies                             Olsen              
Graduate Admission Chair                                         Petta
Prelims Chair  (Fall and Spring)                                 Romalis
Generals Experiment                                                  Tully
Prelims:  Romalis*, Austin, Hasan, Pufu
Admissions:  Petta*, Steinhardt, Cheuk, Bialek, Giombi, Haldane, Dunkley, Ojalvo, Wu, deLeon
Graduate Recruitment:  Shaevitz
3)  Colloquia, Endowed Lectures, and Outreach:                             
Klebanov (F*), Page (S*), Callan
4)  Infrastructure and Personnel:
Search Officer:  Aizenman
Personnel Committee:  Verlinde*, Scalice, Gubser
Computing/Web Committee:  Tully*, Scalice, Gupta
Safety Committee:  Scalice, Gettelfinger, Austin, Jarosik, Puchalla
Building, Shops & Infrastructure:  Petta, Scalice, Gettelfinger, Jarosik, Puchalla
Climate & Inclusion:  Marlow*, Lisanti, Savadge, Johnson, Benton, Croot, Ripley, Kopp, Giovanetti, Cooper(?)
*Committee chair (F* for Fall & S* for Spring)
F and S are for fall and spring of an otherwise full year committee.