PhD. Theses

PhD. Theses 2017

Aaron Levy Generating curvature perturbations in a contracting universe
 Mark Ioffe  Adaptation in Coding by Large Populations of Neurons in the Retina
 Tejal Bhamre  Algorithms for Image Restoration and 3D Reconstruction from Cryo-EM Images
Chaney Lin Advances in Natural Quasicrystals and Quasicrystal Tilings
Josh Hardenbrook An Inclusive Search for New Long-lived Particles at the Large Hadron Collider in sqrt(s)=13 TeV Data
Max Hirschberger Quasiparticle Excitations with Berry Curvature in Insulating Magnets and Weyl Semimetals
Laurentiu Rodina
Yu Shen A Generic Theory of the Integer Quantum Hall Effect
Lin Fei Conformal Field Theories in the Epsilon and 1/N Expansions
Patty Ho Large Millimeter Bolometric Arrays on ACT for Cosmic Microwave Background Observations
Sarthak Parikh Connecting Archimedean and non-Archimedean AdS/CFT
Yinyu Liu Quantum Optics with Semiconductor  Double Quantum Dots
Kenan Diab Aspects of higher-spin conformal field theories and their renormalization group flows
Andrew Hartnett Consensus Decisions and Structural Information in Shoaling Fish
Grigory Tarnopolskiy Conformal and Nearly Conformal Theories at Large N
Vasyl Alba Aspects of scale invariance in Physics and Biology
Chris Stanford Alphas and Surface Backgrounds in Liquid Argon Dark Matter Detectors

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