PhD. Theses

PhD. Theses 2018

Bin Xu Protein Phase Separation In and Out of Cells
Anne Gambrel Measurement of the Polarization of the Cosmic Microwave Background with the SPIDER Instrument
Edward Young Studying the Cosmic Microwave Background with Spider's First Flight
Guangyong Koh A dark matter search with DarkSide-50
Xiao Mi Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics with Silicon Charge and Spin Qubits
Farzan Beroz Mechanoperception and morphogenesis of living architectures
Steve Choi Measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy from the Atacama Desert
Lauren McGough Characterizing Information in Physical Systems: from Biology to Black Holes
Hao Qian Neutron Veto Efficiency of the DarkSide-50 Detector
Chengliang Zhu Study of Argon Electroluminescence Light Yield using Data from DarkSide-50
William Coulton Cosmology from the bispectrum
Kevin T. Crowley In Search of Inflation: Tools for Cosmic Microwave Background Polarimetry
Xin Xiang Cherenkov Related Backgrounds in DarkSide-50 Experiment
Yun Tao Bai Positive Geometry of the S-Matrix
Gustavo Turiaci Black Holes and Chaos
D. J. Strouse Optimization of Mutual Information in Learning Explorations in Science
Siddharth Mishra-Sharma Extragalactic Searches for Dark Matter Annihilation
Shai Chester Bootstrapping M-theory
Zachary Sethna Probability, Entropy, and Adaptive Immune System Repertoires
Po-Shen Hsin Symmetries, Anomalies and Duality in Chern-Simons Matter Theories
David Zajac Single Electron Spin Qubits In Silicon Quantum Dots
Debayan Mitra Exploring Attractively Interacting Fermions in 2D Using a Quantum Gas Microscope
Vladimir Kirilin Higher spin operators in conformal field theories
Suerfu Developing Ultra-Low Background Sodium-Iodide Crystal Detector For Dark Matter Searches

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