Virtual Seminar Series | Sebastiano Bernuzzi (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena) "Modeling the strong-field dynamics of binary neutron star merger"

 The observation of gravitational and electromagnetic waves from a binary neutron star (BNS) merger in August 2017 conveyed unique information on the nature of matter at supranuclear densities, on the origin of short-gamma ray burst, on the production site of of heavy elements in the Universe, and on cosmography. Future multimessenger observations of this kind hold will deliver unprecedent insights on some of the most fundamental physics questions. A crucial and necessary ingredient to interpret BNS observations is the precise knowledge of the dynamics of the sources.  
I will talk about recent developments on the modeling of BNS mergers using simulations in numerical general relativity. I will start discussing the exploration of the merger remnants and mass ejecta, and the dependence of the merger outcome on the binary parameters and physics processes included in the simulations. I will then discuss detailed models of the gravitational signal for the complete (inspiral-merger-postmerger) gravitational spectrum and their application to gravitational-wave astronomy.