Towards a muon collider - Federico Meloni - (DESY)

Nov 15, 2023, 1:45 pm3:15 pm


Event Description

Muon colliders are an unprecedented opportunity for high-energy physics. They can provide collisions of point-like particles at very high energies and open the path to a vast physics programme. Their strong physics potential is accompanied by intriguing technological challenges, due to the fact that muons are unstable particles. For example, the muon decay products can interact with the machine elements and produce an intense flux of background particles that eventually reach the detectors and might degrade their performance. Addressing these challenges requires the development of innovative detector and accelerator technologies. This talk will introduce the collider, its potential and challenges, together with an overview of the current status and plans for a detector able to take data at a center of mass energy of 10 TeV.