The Standard Model heavyweights: an overview of the latest measurements of the ttW and four-tops processes by the ATLAS experiment|Brendon Bullard

May 11, 2023, 2:00 pm3:00 pm
303 Jadwin Hall
Faculty, post docs, grads


Event Description

Abstract: Measurements of rare Standard Model (SM) processes are now possible thanks to the large trove of collision data delivered by the LHC during its second data taking run. Of particular interest are heavy states including top quarks plus an additional heavy boson (ttH, ttW, and ttZ) and the simultaneous production of four top quarks. Measurements of these processes are intertwined experimentally due to their common multi-lepton signatures and theoretically due to importance of electroweak corrections. In this talk I will present the latest results from the ATLAS experiment, focusing on the inclusive cross section measurement and the first differential cross section measurements of ttW. The talk will also cover the interplay between this measurement and the recent observation of 4tops production by ATLAS. Other commonalities of these measurements will be discussed as well as possible strategies to improve their measurements in Run 3.