Special Seminar - Tobias Tiecke, Harvard University, "Nanoscale cavity QED with a single trapped atom"

Wed, Mar 26, 2014, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Jadwin A07
Hybrid quantum devices, in which dissimilar quantum systems are combined in order to attain qualities not available with either system alone, may enable far-reaching control in quantum measurement, sensing, and information processing. A paradigmatic example is trapped ultracold atoms, which offer excellent quantum coherent properties, coupled to nanoscale solid-state systems, which allow for strong interactions. In this talk I will present our recent work on trapping single neutral atoms at sub-wavelength distances from nanophotonic structures. We present a method to deterministically trap single atoms with high fidelity near arbitrary nanoscale solid state structures. Using this method we strongly couple a single atom to a photonic crystal nanocavity, and realize a single-photon switch where a single “gate” photon controls the propagation of a subsequent probe field.