Special Seminar: Giulia Pacchioni, Nature Reviews Physics; "An editor's insight into publishing in Nature journals"

Tue, Jan 23, 2018, 12:00 pm
Jadwin Hall, Joseph Henry Room (1st floor)

The talk will start with an introduction to Nature journals, in particular Nature Reviews Physics, which will launch in 2019 and is now open for submissions. I will then delve into the editorial processes and the journey an article undergoes between submission and publication, discussing what editors look for and what makes a Nature paper. I will give some tips on how to write a clear, well-structured article and on how to prepare it at best for submission.  I will conclude with a few remarks about editorial careers as a possible path for PhDs and postdocs looking for an exciting science-related job.

* This seminar is for postdoctoral researchers and graduate students and registration is required (see email that was sent or contact bornkamp@princeton.edu for more information). Registration deadline is 12 pm, Friday, January 19.