Special Seminar: Alexander Burgers, Caltech; "Engineering atom-light interactions in photonic crystal waveguides”

Tue, Dec 19, 2017, 1:30 pm
Jadwin A07
A free lecture open to the public.

Integrating cold atoms with nanophotonics enables the exploration of new paradigms in quantum optics and many body physics. Advanced fabrication capabilities for low-loss dielectric materials provide powerful tools to engineer band structure and light-matter couplings between photons and atoms. The current system at Caltech to explore such phenomena consists of a quasi-one-dimensional photonic crystal waveguide whose band structure arises from periodic modulation of the dielectric structure.  I will present recent efforts to achieve high fractional filling of trap sites within the photonic crystal waveguide using an optical lattice delivery system and discuss further research goals of the Lab.  To conclude, I will discuss my own research interests and motivations moving forward.