Shedding nano-light on quantum materials

May 10, 2022, 12:30 pm12:30 pm
Joseph Henry Room
Event Description

Shedding nano-light on quantum materials

D.N. Basov, Columbia University,

In this talk, I will describe two recent experiments harnessing nano-scale polaritonic waves (“nano-light”) for probing excitonic effects in van der Waals semiconductors[1] and unconventional electronic properties in the nodal metal ZrSiSe [2]. 

[1] A. J. Sternbach, S. H. Chae, S. Latini, A. A. Rikhter, Y. Shao, B. Li, D. Rhodes, B. Kim,

P. J. Schuck, X. Xu, X.-Y. Zhu, R. D. Averitt, J. Hone, M. M. Fogler, A. Rubio, and D. N. Basov, “Programmable hyperbolic polaritons in van der Waals semiconductors,” Science 371, 617 (2021).

[2] Yinming Shao, Aaron J. Sternbach, Brian S. Y. Kim, Andrey A. Rikhter, Xinyi Xu, Umberto De Giovannini, Ran Jing, Sang Hoon Chae, Zhiyuan Sun, Seng Huat Lee, Yanglin Zhu, Zhiqiang Mao, J. Hone, Raquel Queiroz, A. J. Millis, P. James Schuck, A. Rubio, M. M. Fogler, D. N. Basov “Infrared Plasmons Propagate through a Hyperbolic Nodal Metal” (unpublished).