PostPandemic Tool for Quantum Materials and vice-versa

Nov 15, 2022, 12:30 pm1:30 pm
Joseph Henry Room



Event Description

Raman scattering, invented at the end of the last pandemic, can provide a wealth of information on the fractional, magnetic, lattice and charge excitations at the heart of quantum materials and devices. I will first discuss how Raman provides direct evidence for coupled phonon-electron fluids in topological semimetals, helping to explain their remarkable transport mobilities. Next I will discuss our recent discovery of the Axial Higgs Mode from the combination of quantum geometry and strong correlations in a topological semimetal. This demonstrates the power of Raman to reveal the vector properties of a low energy mode, heralds the discovery of the first unconventional charge density wave and multi-component symmetry breaking transition. Time permitting I will discuss our efforts to use quantum materials in nano devices, including modulation doping with RuCl3 and biosensing with graphene.