Physics Pumpkin Toss 2017!

Oct 27, 2017, 3:30 pm3:30 pm


Event Description

It was a PUMPKIN PERFECT day for today's Physics Pumpkin Toss! If you missed the event, check out the video here. So far there are 8,400 views and 110 comments on Princeton University's Facebook Live.

The Department of Physics will be hosting its inaugural “Physics Pumpkin Toss” competition at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, October 27, 2017 in the Jadwin Hall Courtyard. The experimental gravity competition will pit four teams of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers against each other to launch pumpkins off the roof of Jadwin Hall and aim to hit closest to a target’s bulls eye in the courtyard below. Faculty members from the Department of Physics will serve as judges and the winning team will receive a trophy. Wear your Princeton gear, colors or Halloween costume!  This event will be free and open to the university and public. 

Pumpkin Toss team captains
Pumpkin Toss team captains (left to right): Seth Olsen (GS), Debayan Mitra (GS), Simone Aiola (PD), Peter Schauss (PD)
Pumpkin Toss team captains
Seth Olsen

Graduate Student Theorists' Team: R.G. Flowington & the Beta Functions

Team Captain: Seth Olsen

Simone Aiola

Postdoc Theorists' Team:  The Smashing Pumpkins

Team Captain: Simone Aiola

Debayan Mitra

Graduate Student Experimentalists' Team:  A. P. Rattus & the Bare Couplings

Team Captain:  Debayan Mitra

Peter Schauss

Postdoc Experimentalists' Team:  Schrödinger's Pumpkin(s)

Team Captain: Peter Schauss

Xinwei Yu, graduate student (Einstein impersonator)

Xinwei Yu, graduate student (Einstein impersonator)

Omelan Stryzak (left, Lecture Demonstration Specialist) discusses the pumpkin launcher design with Pumpkin Toss team captains Simone Aiola, Peter Schauss and Debayan Mitra (not pictured Seth Olsen).
Graduate students Justin Ripley (left) and Kevin Crowley (right)
Graduate students Justin Ripley (left) and Kevin Crowley (right) work on their blackboard. Chat with them about their work at the Pumpkin Toss!
Postdocs Simone Aiola (left) and Shuay-Pwu Ho (right)
Postdocs Simone Aiola (left) and Shuay-Pwu Ho (right) illustrate physics equations for perfect pumpkin projectiles.