Physics Group Meeting at IAS | Yvonne Geyer, Member, School of Natural Sciences, IAS | "6D Spinor-helicity and Superamplitudes"

Wed, Feb 27, 2019, 1:45 pm

I will give a review of recent progress in studying 6D SYM and supergravity amplitudes. Based on the spinor-helicity formalism of Cheung and O'Connell, recent work has shown that superamplitudes in 6D have a simple and compact form, not unlike 4D. We will start from purely bosonic amplitudes in arbitrary dimensions, and review the supersymmetric (RSVW) amplitude formulas in 4D. This will lead us to two different strategies in 6D, resulting in different representations of super Yang-Mills and supergravity amplitudes."Reading: 6D spinor helicity: arXiv:0902.0981Superamplitudes: arXiv:1805.11111   (section 1-3)

Bloomberg Hall Physics Library