Physics Group Meeting at IAS | Baurzhan Mukhametzhanov, IAS | “Matrix Models and Minimal Liouville Gravity” | Bloomberg Lecture Hall

Wed, Oct 16, 2019, 1:45 pm

I will review some old ideas about the duality between matrix models and Liouville theory coupled to a  (p,q) minimal model. In this approach t'Hooft diagrams of the matrix model are thought of as a discretization of a 2d surface. Fine-tuning of the coupling constant leads to divergence of the perturbative expansion. In this limit dense t'Hooft diagrams dominate and become a good approximation of a smooth 2d surface. 
Reading material:
hep-th/9306153;  hep-th/9304011; Seiberg, "Notes on quantum Liouville theory and quantum gravity"; Lecture notes by Zamolodchikov brothers