Pheno & Vino Seminar | Da Liu, UC Davis | "Composite Higgs Models at the LHC and beyond" | Jadwin 303

Jan 21, 2020, 4:00 pm4:00 pm
Jadwin 303



Event Description

Compositeness  is an elegant way to address the hierarchy problem. In this talk, under broad assumption of partial compositeness and Higgs doublet as the pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone bosons, I will discuss about phenomenology of the spin-1 resonances and the top partners in CHMs and the relevance of  their strong interactions in the searches at the LHC. I will also discuss about the strong multi-pole interaction as the target scenario for the precision measurement in the di-boson processes at the HL-LHC. Finally, I will briefly discuss about the universal relationship between the Higgs couplings predicted by the non-linearity and their phenomenological relevance in the future lepton colliders.