PCTS/Triggering on New Physics at the HL-LHC

Mon, Jan 15, 2018, 10:00 am

The LHC community is now moving toward its final phase of experimental design, the Phase 2 Upgrade for the High-Luminosity LHC.  A critical step in defining the capabilities of new physics searches at the HL-LHC has begun with the definition of the Phase 2 trigger upgrades.  The experimental work on these systems will achieve sufficient maturity by the end of 2017, making this an ideal time for the experimental and theory communities to re-evaluate current strategies.  This is a critical time to develop new trigger definitions that address the many exciting new ideas being developed by the phenomenology community.  The strategies developed in this meeting will have a substantial impact on what new physics is recorded by the detectors and will ultimately inform our understanding of the physics accessible at the high-energy frontier.


The morning session starts at 10:00 AM.   The afternoon session begins at 2:00 PM.

PCTS-Seminar Room 407