PCTS: Many-body Physics in Open Quantum Systems

Repeats every day 2 times.
Thu, Jan 21, 2021, 11:00 am
Fri, Jan 22, 2021, 11:00 am

Registration for this free conference is open at: http://pcts.princeton.edu/programs/current/many-body-physics-in-open-quantum-systems/142

Meeting dates are January 21-22 and January 28-29

Recent experimental advances in controlling quantum coherence present a new opportunity for understanding the dynamics of open many-body quantum systems driven far out of equilibrium. In particular, quantum simulators based on a variety of architectures, including ultracold atoms and molecules in optical lattices, trapped ions, Rydberg gases, and superconducting circuits, proffer rich playgrounds for addressing fundamental questions in driven dissipative systems. In contrast to closed quantum systems, where there are established theoretical and numerical techniques for studying many-body dynamics, capturing the dynamics of open, strongly interacting, many-body systems efficiently and accurately remains a daunting task.
This conference will bring together researchers from multiple communities, including AMO physics, condensed matter, quantum information, and quantum optics, with the aim of addressing open challenges and new directions in the field. At the fore will be issues of how best to probe the dynamics in strongly interacting open systems, developing new numerical methods—including quantum trajectories, tensor network approaches, time-dependent DMRG---and building theoretical frameworks for describing quantum many-body non-equilibrium dynamics, which extend beyond the Markovian master equation paradigm.