Oliver Schlotterer

Oct 15, 2010, 1:30 pm3:00 pm
Jadwin 343


Event Description
Speaker: Oliver Schlotterer Max Planck Institute, Munich Title: Gauge multiplet tree amplitudes in pure spinor superspace Abstract: The pure spinor formalism is an alternative formulation of superstring theory which -- unlike the Ramond Neveu-Schwarz- and Green Schwarz frameworks -- maintains manifest Super Poincare symmetry in all steps of amplitude computations. I will first of all present basics of the pure spinor formalism, identify its worldsheet degrees of freedom and explain the prescription towards tree level amplitudes in pure spinor superspace. Starting from existing results on four- and five point amplitudes of the gauge multiplet, I will introduce a dictionary between Feynman diagrams and superspace expressions. Finally I will report on our recently finished computation of the six point amplitude and relate its constituents to the fourteen ordered diagrams made of three point vertices only. This is work in progress in collaboration with Carlos Mafra, Stephan Stieberger and Dimitrios Tsimpis.