Insights from a Decade of AstroCom NYC at CUNY

Nov 21, 2022, 4:00 pm5:30 pm
Open to all



Event Description

AstroCom NYC is an undergraduate mentoring program designed to improve urban minority student access to opportunities in astrophysical research by greatly enhancing partnerships between research astronomers in New York City (City University of New York – an MSI, American Museum of Natural History, and Flatiron Institute Center of Computational Astrophysics). New York City now has one of the largest concentrations of professional astronomers in the country, so we provide exciting and unique opportunities for students in all five boroughs, fostering an expanding mentor network throughout the city. We provide centralized, personalized mentoring as well as financial, academic, and also mental health support, to CUNY undergraduates throughout their studies, plus the resources and opportunities to further CUNY faculty research with students. The goal is that students’ residency in the unique research environments at AMNH and the CCA helps them build a sense of belonging in the field, and readies and inspires them for graduate study. We're welcoming our eleventh cohort this year, and over 20 alumni are in grad programs today.