Informal High Energy Theory Seminar@ IAS-“Wavefunctions for a one-dimensional black hole” S. Josephine Suh-Caltech

Thu, Apr 12, 2018, 1:45 pm
Bloomberg Hall Physics Library

Description: We reduce the dynamics of a nearly-AdS_2 spacetime to that of twoparticles in AdS_2. We determine the class of physically meaningfulwavefunctions, normalize them, and find the density of states.  These canbe derived from analytically continuing Euclidean solutions.

InLorentzian signature, the density of states appears in the probabilityfor a particle to tunnel between the asymptotic regions. This tunnelingis described by a flux operator, which appears in the decomposition oftwo-particle functions into single-particle functions. The density ofstates can also be obtained by normalizing wavefunctions in theclassically forbidden region, which we relate to a certain property ofSYK microstates. Based on upcoming work with A. Kitaev.