IAS HET Seminar | Jonah Kudler-Flam, Institute for Advanced Study| “Quantum Information before the Page Time” | Bloomberg Lecture Hall & Zoom

Oct 21, 2022, 1:45 am1:45 pm
Bloomberg Lecture Hall & Zoom



Event Description

Radiation emitted from evaporating black holes is highly mixed, at least for times prior to the so-called "Page time." Usually, the quantum state of the radiation is then treated as void of information. I will discuss two ways in which this early time radiation contains non-trivial quantum information. First, I will characterize (in simple models) to what extent an observer may distinguish different black hole microstates via measurements on their radiation. Then, I will argue that there exists a new time scale prior to the Page time where there is significant entanglement within the radiation. Time permitting, I will discuss relations between these results to thermalization in more general systems and to open problems in quantum information theory.