High-resolution imaging of ordering in Rydberg many-body systems - Peter Schauss

Tue, Jan 6, 2015, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Joseph Henry Room
In this talk I will present results on the preparation and high-resolution imaging of Rydberg many-body systems and the observation of spontaneous emergence of self-organized ordering. In a first series of experiments we investigate the ordering in the post-selected high-excitation-density components of high-temperature many-body states. The spatial configuration of Rydberg atoms is imaged by a novel detection technique, which allows to determine the position of individual Rydberg atoms in the lattice by fluorescence imaging of the former Rydberg atoms after depumping them to the ground state. From the measured Rydberg atom positions we calculate correlation functions and determine the blockade radius. In a second set of experiments we implement time-dependent control of the optical coupling to the Rydberg state. Combined with the precise shaping of the initial atom pattern in the lattice this allows for the adiabatic preparation of Rydberg crystals. Via a mapping to an Ising Hamiltonian with power-law interactions this scenario corresponds to the ground state preparation in a quantum magnet. We measure properties of the crystalline ground state such as its vanishing susceptibility and local magnetization densities. This work demonstrates a new level of control over long-range interacting spin systems and paves the way for Rydberg-based quantum simulation.