High Energy Physcis Seminar- Sue Ann Koay-"Excavating for SUSY: A dark matter search at the Large Hadron Collider experiment"

Mon, Dec 19, 2011, 2:45 pm to 4:15 pm
PCTS Seminar Room
One of the challenges of 21st century particle physics is a deficit of observations to constrain/shape hypotheses for what may be "the"Theory Of Everything, or at least a next stage in our development of such. I present one of the searches motivated by cosmological evidence for particulate dark matter, which aims to unearth signals in the wide-coverage but xperimentally difficult all-hadronic jets and missing transverse momentum channel. Along the way, I hope to give you a flavor of how analysis challenges in these (still) start-up days of the experiment were discovered and met, but also some thoughts on challenges we might expect in the future of dark matter searches and ways to approach them.