HET Seminar | Ying-Hsuan Lin, Harvard | "Lorentzian Dynamics and Factorization Beyond Rationality" | via Zoom

Mon, Feb 22, 2021, 2:30 pm
via Zoom

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Meeting ID: 985 9550 4817

Abstract: I motivate my talk with three questions in (1+1)d CFT: (1) What is the interpretation of correlators in neither Euclidean nor Lorentzian regime? (2) Is there a connection between Lorentzian dynamics and line operators? (3) Can the Verlinde algebra be made sense of in irrational theories? I will argue that the answer to (3) is "yes", and via (2) this "algebra" can put nontrivial unitarity bounds ("opacity bound") on the conformal Regge limit of four-point functions. Topological defect lines play a key role in this story. More details can be found in my paper 2012.01429.