HET Seminar | Scott Collier, Harvard University | "Virasoro analytic bootstrap and the bound-state spectrum of 3D quantum gravity"

Mon, Mar 25, 2019, 3:00 pm
A06 Jadwin Hall

* Please note special time and location *

Every CFT in dimensions greater than two contains an infinite set of Regge trajectories of local operators which, at large spin, asymptote to "double-twist" composites with vanishing anomalous dimension. In two dimensions, due to the existence of local conformal symmetry, this and other central results of the conformal bootstrap do not apply. In this talk I will discuss the incorporation of stress tensor dynamics into the CFT_2 analytic bootstrap and the non-perturbative implications for the dynamics and spectrum of AdS_3 quantum gravity, including an exact formula for the gravitational binding energy of multi-particle bound states at finite Newton's constant.