HET Seminar | Pranay Gorantla, Princeton University | “Exotic Field Theories with Dipole Symmetries” | PCTS & Zoom

Oct 14, 2022, 1:45 pm1:45 pm



Event Description

I will discuss some exotic QFTs with dipole symmetries which exhibit several peculiar features such as strange ground state degeneracy (GSD), defects with restricted mobility (a.k.a. fractons), and UV/IR mixing. I will focus on simple examples in 1+1d, including a compact version of the Lifshitz field theory. To resolve various subtleties, we place the theories on a lattice. Interestingly, there are several continuum limits one can take, with different sets of global symmetries, operators, defects, fluxes, etc., but they are all described by the same continuum Lagrangian. I will also explain how the strange GSD and restricted mobility can be understood as consequences of what we refer to as the space-like and time-like global symmetries. If time permits, I will discuss some related theories in 2+1d. Based on 2201.105892207.085852209.10030.