HET Seminar | Mykola Dedushenko, SCGP, Stony Brook | "Yangians and other algebras you can find at boundaries and interfaces" | via Zoom

Fri, Nov 6, 2020, 1:45 pm
via Zoom

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Meeting ID: 985 9550 4817

Abstract: I will discuss protected sectors in the 4d N=4 SYM with the half-BPS boundary or interface. Algebraic structures of various levels of complexity appear in this context, such as U(g) (universal enveloping algebra), W(g,e) (fintie W-algebra), their quantum Hamiltonian reductions, and the Yangian (or rather its truncation). One can use the power of algebra, as well as integrability in the latter case, to solve for correlation functions. In particular, for an interface engineered by a pair of fivebranes, one can leverage connection to the inhomogeneous XXX spin chain to compute correlators quite explicitly.
Based on  2009.11197  and  2009.11198.