HET Seminar |Christian Ferko, UC Davis | “Three Perspectives on Two Throats” | PCTS

Sep 18, 2023, 2:30 pm2:30 pm


Event Description

For certain black hole spacetimes, we are fortunate to have three complementary views of the same physics: (1) the low-energy gravity theory on the spacetime M, (2) worldsheet string theory with target space M, and (3) a holographic description living on the boundary of M. In this talk, I describe ongoing efforts to compare these perspectives in the context of two throat regions in such spacetimes. The first is the linear dilaton throat of solutions involving strings and NS5-branes, which is related to a T \bar{T}-like deformation of the dual CFT; here I describe new results from the gravity description. I will also mention work in progress on the D1-D5 system with a spacetime B-field, whose holographic dual involves a non-commutative open string theory. The second is the near-horizon AdS_2 throat of a near-extremal black hole, whose dynamics are controlled by the Schwarzian mode; here I describe new results from the worldsheet description.