HET Seminar | Bruno Balthazar, Harvard | "ZZ Instantons and the Non-Perturbative Dual of c=1 String Theory" | Jadwin A07

Mon, Oct 21, 2019, 2:30 pm
Jadwin A07
A free lecture open to the public.


We study the effect of ZZ instantons in c = 1 string theory, and demonstrate that they give rise to non-perturbative corrections to closed string scattering amplitudes that do not saturate unitarity within the closed string sector. Beyond the leading non-perturbative order, logarithmic divergences are canceled between worldsheet diagrams of different topologies, due to the Fischler-Susskind-Polchinski mechanism. These results also allow us to propose the exact non-perturbative matrix model dual of c=1 string theory.