HET Seminar | Arvin Shahbazi-Moghaddam, Stanford University | "Causal Bulk Reconstruction and the Python’s Lunch" | via Zoom

Apr 12, 2021, 2:30 pm2:30 pm
via Zoom
Event Description

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Abstract: It is possible to find simple boundary duals to bulk operators in the causal wedge using the bulk equations of motion. By contrast, it has been suggested that operators behind a non-minimal extremal surface (in a python’s lunch) are encoded on the boundary with exponential complexity. There is generically a large gap region between the causal wedge and the python's lunch. To close this gap, I will argue that causal wedges can always be expanded using appropriate sources and multiple boundary time folds. This implies that the operators outside of the lunch can be simply, and causally, reconstructed. I will also explain how in some cases, e.g. in non-evaporating black holes, python’s lunches could appear unexpectedly.