HET Seminar | Arkady Tseytlin,Imperial College London | “Quantum M2 branes and AdS/CFT” | Joseph Henry Room

Nov 6, 2023, 2:30 pm3:30 pm


Event Description

We will review some recent work with M. Beccaria and S. Giombi
 on  checking AdS/CFT duality by reproducing certain   supersymmetric  localization results
 in 3d  superconformal  Chern-Simons-matter (ABJM) theory  by semiclassical
 quantization of  supermembrane in  dual   11d  background.  Examples include
  large N  expectation value of  BPS  Wilson loop  and instanton  contribution to  
 free energy of ABJM theory on 3-sphere. Similar  results are found     for
 non-perturbative terms in the supersymmetric partition function (index)   of 6d (2,0) theory  
 on S5 x S1 that are captured at  large N  by  quantum M2 brane in  dual  M-theory  background.