HEP Seminar-Dicke Candidate-Karthik Ramanathan-UIC- "Dark Matter Taking Selfies: The DAMIC Experiment"

Dec 16, 2019, 2:00 pm3:00 pm
Jadwin Hall 303



Event Description

The DAMIC (Dark Matter in CCDs) experiment uses silicon charge-coupled devices (CCDs), traditionally employed for imaging purposes, to detect potential ionization signals from dark matter interactions. These approx. mm thick devices feature an impressively low leakage current (< 10-21 A/cm2) and a very low energy threshold (40 eVee), making them ideal low-mass dark matter detectors. In addition, their unique spatial resolution provides for effective identification and mitigation of environmental backgrounds. In this talk I will highlight recent dark matter-electron scattering limits from the experiment at SNOLAB, discuss the kg-size next generation DAMIC-M detector funded for operation, and show results from “Skipper” instrumented CCDs – a novel readout technique that allows for counting of individual electron-hole pairs, with a demonstrated resolution of 0.07 e-, which ushers in a new era of sensitivity to low-energy interactions.