Hamilton Colloquium Series, Michelle Simmons, University of New South Wales, Australia, "Atomic Qubits in Silicon"

Nov 14, 2019, 4:00 pm4:00 pm
A free lecture open to the public.
Event Description

Building a quantum computer in the highly manufacturable material silicon offers many advantages. Phosphorus atom qubits in silicon in particular have demonstrated extremely long (up to 35 s) coherence times with >99.9% fidelity. Their small size, combined with the magnetically quiet environment of isotopically pure silicon, make them analogous to ion trap qubits but in a scalable solid-state system. One of the challenges for semiconductor qubits is to understand how to engineer and control qubit initialisation, read-out and coupling at nm length scales. Scanning probe techniques, combined with molecular beam epitaxy allow us to realise fully crystalline devices at the atomic scale and directly probe the qubit wave function with exquisite precision. We will discuss the ability to scale atomic qubits in silicon and outline the long term vision for this approach.  


Department of Physics