Hamilton Colloquium Series: Gilles Tarjus, LPTMC, CNRS/University Pierre and Marie Curie, France; "The glass transition: a theoretical perspective"

Thu, Nov 30, 2017, 4:00 pm

When cooled fast enough to avoid crystallization, a liquid becomes increasingly viscous and eventually forms a glass. This “glass transition,” one of the oldest unsolved problems in condensed-matter physics, gives rise to a wide diversity of views. Accordingly, there is a lack of agreement on which would be the most profitable theoretical approach. I will briefly describe the main pieces of the phenomenology and then discuss the progress made in the last decade, including new insights concerning the characteristic length scales associated with the glass transition. The emphasis will be placed on those theories that associate glass formation with growing collective behavior and emerging universality.

Jadwin A10
A free lecture open to the public.