Gravity Group Lunch Seminar, Justin Ripley | DAMTP "Classical modifications to Einstein's General Relativity around black holes"

Oct 16, 2020, 12:00 pm12:00 pm
via Zoom
Event Description

In this talk I will discuss recent work on the dynamics of black holes in Einstein dilaton Gauss-Bonnet (EDGB) gravity. This modified gravity theory can be motivated by effective field theory reasoning, and admits scalarized black hole solutions. These two facts make it an interesting candidate theory to constrain using binary black hole, gravitational wave observations. Additionally, EDGB is a representative member of the Horndeski theories, which have been invoked over the years to model the dynamics of the early universe, including inflationary and bouncing cosmologies. I will discuss why it has been hard to construct nontrivial dynamical solutions to EDGB gravity, how recent advances have made it possible to construct interesting solutions to the theory, and future directions for research, including applications to early and late universe cosmology.